Earth Day Dallas Review (with Pics)

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I decided to arrive at Fair Park for Earth Day Dallas right after it opened! They started at 10am and I got there around 1030. Since it was so early, there weren’t too many people there, but  it picked up pretty quickly.

Sometimes I forgot the biggest benefit of outings: to just get OUT! Solitary people like myself sometimes tend to go days without interacting (except online of course) and that can be an issue.

Today, I got to talk to lots of people and really enjoyed just being in the presence of other people. I wish I could have convinced my son to go with me, but with him being 14, that was out of the question!

I got to meet the NBC Channel 5 anchors: Meredith Land, Marc Fein, Brian Curtis and Samantha Davies who were giving out autographed pictures! Also, got to see the 106.1 KISS FM guys! The Girl Scouts were in attendance and so were Big Brothers and Big Sisters. There were lots of great companies there! Ecopower Oil were giving away free hats to people who liked thier FB page! They had computers there for you to sign up on! Lots of great companies with lots of great items for your grab bags!

I’m really glad I didn’t miss the Dallas Event and I just know Marvin had a great time at Earth Day NY with his kids!!


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