Are You a Part of the Ultimate Blog Party?!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

R&M Social Media was born in 2012 from the creative minds of Rachel Thompson and Marvin Washington. We want to help the small business person build a following online. We understand that some of you may not be comfortable with social networking sites and we are here to help you!

We will set up  sites for you such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook business pages. We can also find relevant followers for you to connect with on those pages and also create custom logos to enhance your presence on those sites!

Since Marvin and I live in New York and Dallas respectively, we also do reviews of local eateries and events in those 2 cities! If you own a business that you would like reviewed on our blog, please contact us at

Anything you need to get your brand noticed, we can help you with!

When I’m not “networking socially” (lol) I enjoy reading and journaling. Right now I’m taking classes so I don’t have much time for either of those! Between my fourteen year old son, my business and school, I’m pretty busy, but I like it that way!


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