2ND Island Salad Review in NYC

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 Let me start off by saying that this was my 2nd visit to Island Salad! I decided to go BACK and try one of the legendary wraps! As usual, the crowd was vibing to the enchanting music of the “islands” giving you a feel of what was to come…
FYI If by any chance you order a salad and the song of the salad is playing right then, you get a discount! And let’s not forget, Foursquare has great perks for check ins to Island Salads! (Wonder if I can become the mayor? That would be cool!)
 The last time I was there, I remember there was a buzz going on about the wraps. I was going to try one this time, but I ended up talking and enjoying the vibe and ended up 30 minutes later settling on another salad. Sorry guys!! I found another one that was too tempting! The Island Chicken Salad!
Once again, I was amazed at the variety of fresh veggies and beans offered at Island Salads! Today, my salad was made of romaine lettuce, Island rice, roasted chicken, blackbeans, sweet corn chili powder, mixed peppers and a Caribbean Vinagrette.
I want to give a shout out and thanks to the manager Mustafa for taking the time out to chat with me!
BTW The Cashier Camilla, was quick, efficient and very reliable when it came to handling more than one task at a time! 🙂
 Same clean and cozy environment
Island sound and feel
All staff in uniforms and wearing gloves.
An overall 2nd time great experience at Island Salads!

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