Deep Ellum Arts Festival Review in Dallas

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This morning I decided to get up and go check out the Deep Ellum Arts Festival near downtown Dallas. I’m really glad I went eventhough, I felt bad that Marvin wasn’t in town for this event. He would have LOVED it!!

Growing up around art and drawing, I’ve always been drawn to events like this one. I can’t seem to get my son to go with me, but that’s ok. I had a great time on my own! The festival is in town for one more day, so if you can make it down there, it’s definitely worth the trip.

I love being surrounded by such talented people!! The artwork was amazing! I saw paintings, drawings, handmade jewelry, glass painting, woodwork and so many other things!! Take a look at all of the wonderful works in the slideshow!

Some of the artists there were:

Terrell Powell–

Meg G Harper

Jamie Rood

Scott Wright

Warren Paul Harris

Pam Lee

Sultry Touch Collection

Angela Mosera

Gary Anderson

Weird Chief Pictures

Happy Sandman Pottery–

Bear McLaughlin– this

I even purchased a beautiful necklace for myself from Terrell Powell!


2 thoughts on “Deep Ellum Arts Festival Review in Dallas

  1. I’m going down there tomorrow… I’m a big fan of a sculptor named David Pound – he makes little monster heads in wooden boxes, hopefully he’ll have one left I like and can afford.

    Thanks for sharing – great pictures.

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