Applebee’s Review in NYC

Applebee’s, 1 West 125th Street, New York, NY 10027
 First of all, let’s start off by noting that the only thing I went to Applebee’s for was the Grilled Chicken Wontons Topped with an Asian salad! But I left with a great experience added on!
My plan was to try the “to go” system that they offer, but when I got there I noticed that it wasn’t crowded, so I decided to eat in.
As soon as I stepped in, I was waited on and quickly given a nice booth. My waitress’ name was Latonya and she was very polite and soft spoken. Her smile made me think she was a happy employee who enjoyed working there. That’s good service.
After I put in my order and was waiting, I lost the small pencil I was using to take notes with, but was able to catch the eye of one of the wait staff named Justin. He quickly brought me a pen so that none of my great ideas were lost!
While still waiting for my lunch, I noticed how the manager on duty provided a good vibe. His name was Milton and he was doing a great job of running this eatery. The wait staff were all dressed in black; shirts, shoes and slacks. Milton had a smile on his face and the employees all seemed to be in their mid 20s.
The eating area was adorned with full color photos of the new and old Harlem. The music playing was a mix of old and new tunes and the ambiance made the meal rather enjoyable. I was satisfied with the restroom area. Everything was clean and well stocked.
There was only one negative that I saw in the whole establishment: The outside windows were dirty. 🙂
But overall, I expected a good meal and that’s what I got. The meal was a fantastic change after having Island Salads for lunch the other day. Both restaurants were great and I WILL return again! How about a Google +++ for both!!

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