Island Salads Review in NYC

  420 Lenox Ave (between 131st St & 132nd St) Manhattan, NY 10037
First, let me start out by saying, the line was “out the door” when I arrived. I got there about 12:15, right in the middle of lunch hour. The crowd was young and trendy and most were doctors and workers from Harlem Hospital.
I was pretty satisfied with the appearance. It was in typical NY fashion with a portable, outside entryway for those Winter days!
 The service was great; from the taking of my order to the check-in with Foursquare. From the check-in, I was even able to get a “free soda or juice perk.” The personnel were very cheerful and polite and the seating was ample.
As I stood in line waiting, I was admiring the menu with the host of tasty salads. Finally, I decided on the Asian Rasta Salad. That one consisted of grilled chicken, green leaf veggies, noodles, rice, mandarin oranges and cheese. There was also a homemade dressing (pure mouth watering pleasure!!). Overall, it was a delightful and very filling lunch!

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