Am I Corny?

I woke up this morning with allergies bugging me as usual…after getting myself together, I went into the kitchen to start lunch and found this butterfly perched on my screen. I had to take a picture! He sat there for so long…I think it was God letting me know that He  loves me.

Corny, huh?


Custom Photos


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Just a taste of what Marvin and I like to do in our spare time! 🙂

Giveaway: Weekend Media Blitz!!!

How would you like your business showcased by R&M Social on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Pages all weekend?!

Well that’s what we’re giving away! This will be a chance for you to see exactly what R&M Social Media does and how it can benefit your business!

This giveaway is going to be open starting Thursday, April 26 and running through Thursday May 3rd. Our winner will be picked on Friday morning and the Media Blitz will begin for our winner at 6pm that evening!

All I ask is that you go over to my personal blog: Christians In Good Company and enter the contest there!

So, after you enter, be prepared to be our winner!! Have a list of your links ready for us to showcase with our custom Social Networking Logos!

I’m excited! I can’t wait to see who wins!! Winners will be announced here and on Christians in Good Company! They will also be notified by email!!

Upcoming Events in Dallas, TX April – May 2012

Check out these awesome events coming soon through Dallas!!


Cedar Springs Art Fest  4/28

Wind Festival  5/12

Get Kidz Fit Fest 4/28

Dallas International Festival 5/26

Etsy Dallas Spring Bash 5/5

Carry The Load (Memorial Day Celebration) 5/27

Earth Day Dallas Review (with Pics)

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I decided to arrive at Fair Park for Earth Day Dallas right after it opened! They started at 10am and I got there around 1030. Since it was so early, there weren’t too many people there, but  it picked up pretty quickly.

Sometimes I forgot the biggest benefit of outings: to just get OUT! Solitary people like myself sometimes tend to go days without interacting (except online of course) and that can be an issue.

Today, I got to talk to lots of people and really enjoyed just being in the presence of other people. I wish I could have convinced my son to go with me, but with him being 14, that was out of the question!

I got to meet the NBC Channel 5 anchors: Meredith Land, Marc Fein, Brian Curtis and Samantha Davies who were giving out autographed pictures! Also, got to see the 106.1 KISS FM guys! The Girl Scouts were in attendance and so were Big Brothers and Big Sisters. There were lots of great companies there! Ecopower Oil were giving away free hats to people who liked thier FB page! They had computers there for you to sign up on! Lots of great companies with lots of great items for your grab bags!

I’m really glad I didn’t miss the Dallas Event and I just know Marvin had a great time at Earth Day NY with his kids!!

Are You a Part of the Ultimate Blog Party?!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

R&M Social Media was born in 2012 from the creative minds of Rachel Thompson and Marvin Washington. We want to help the small business person build a following online. We understand that some of you may not be comfortable with social networking sites and we are here to help you!

We will set up  sites for you such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook business pages. We can also find relevant followers for you to connect with on those pages and also create custom logos to enhance your presence on those sites!

Since Marvin and I live in New York and Dallas respectively, we also do reviews of local eateries and events in those 2 cities! If you own a business that you would like reviewed on our blog, please contact us at

Anything you need to get your brand noticed, we can help you with!

When I’m not “networking socially” (lol) I enjoy reading and journaling. Right now I’m taking classes so I don’t have much time for either of those! Between my fourteen year old son, my business and school, I’m pretty busy, but I like it that way!

Going to Earth Day Dallas?

Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you would be going to Earth Day Dallas 2012 at Fair Park? We will definitely be in attendance! Not only in Dallas, but in NYC too!!!

The other half of R&M Social Media who lives in NYC (Marvin), will be attending the Earth Day NY while I’m here attending Earth Day Dallas! So, we will have plenty of pics and information to post to you when we get home!!!

Festivities start at 10 am, so my plan is to get there around 10:30. I was taking a list at all of the companies that are going to be present and there are a few that I’d like to stop by and talk to!

Earth Day Dallas, Inc.
3523 McKinney Ave. #241
Dallas, TX 75204

(T) 214-310-1200
(F) 214-580-2630

2ND Island Salad Review in NYC

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 Let me start off by saying that this was my 2nd visit to Island Salad! I decided to go BACK and try one of the legendary wraps! As usual, the crowd was vibing to the enchanting music of the “islands” giving you a feel of what was to come…
FYI If by any chance you order a salad and the song of the salad is playing right then, you get a discount! And let’s not forget, Foursquare has great perks for check ins to Island Salads! (Wonder if I can become the mayor? That would be cool!)
 The last time I was there, I remember there was a buzz going on about the wraps. I was going to try one this time, but I ended up talking and enjoying the vibe and ended up 30 minutes later settling on another salad. Sorry guys!! I found another one that was too tempting! The Island Chicken Salad!
Once again, I was amazed at the variety of fresh veggies and beans offered at Island Salads! Today, my salad was made of romaine lettuce, Island rice, roasted chicken, blackbeans, sweet corn chili powder, mixed peppers and a Caribbean Vinagrette.
I want to give a shout out and thanks to the manager Mustafa for taking the time out to chat with me!
BTW The Cashier Camilla, was quick, efficient and very reliable when it came to handling more than one task at a time! 🙂
 Same clean and cozy environment
Island sound and feel
All staff in uniforms and wearing gloves.
An overall 2nd time great experience at Island Salads!

Common Object Challenge: A Toilet

My first common object challenge!!!! Thanks for the suggestion April!! The toilet was the perfect item to see if I could transform!! This is kind of exciting!!! I think I was successful. You let me know!