Food Trucks at TruckStock Review in Dallas

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Yesterday, Marvin and I stopped by Truckstock to take a look at what was happening, and what a blast we had!

TruckStock was located at 1881 Sylvan St in Dallas. The trucks were pulled off into an open lot and formed a circle. There were atleast 16 or 17 trucks in attendance! What a site! Food Trucks are new in Dallas and let me just say: I love them!

Some of the trucks that were there were:










There was also a T-Shirt truck there: @durtylaundryclo

I didn’t want to make myself sick, so throughout the day, I only tried a few things!LOL

First we had meatpies from @threelionstruck. If I could learn how to make a crust that flaky, I’d be rich!!!

Then, we ate Philly Cheese Steaks @vizioncatering. Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE Cheesesteaks and this one did NOT disappoint!

Marvin ordered a cup of Gumbo from a truck called Bourbon Street. He thought it was more of a soup than a Gumbo. It had chicken and sausage instead of all of the other meats that Gumbo is famous for. But the spiciness was on point.

After the food, I topped off the meal with a sweet, chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing from @jackschowhound !

Despite the heat, we had a great time! Thanks Scott (@threelionstruck) for letting us know about TruckStock!! You guys Rock!!!!


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