Hoffbrau Steaks Review in Dallas West End

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Marvin and I ended up in the West End during lunch today and stuffed ourselves! We dined at Hoffbrau Steaks right next door to ElCentro College and The Corner Bakery.What a great experience!

It was my first time going there and I doubt if it will be my last. We got there as soon as they opened at 11am were greeted with friendly service. I even got to talk to the owner Rainey Fogiel  and the General Manager Barbara who was in house today.

We started off with an appetizer. I ordered shrimp wrapped in jalepeno and bacon with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce and Marvin had the loaded baked potato skins. Everything was SO good! And we found out that the ranch dressing they gave Marvin for his appetizer was made in house and it was so creamy! You could tell it wasn’t from a jar!

Our waiter was named Wesley and him and Marvin really hit it off! 🙂

For the entree I had the Grilled Tilapia with broccoli and chili and Marvin had the Fried Catfish with Fries and a Salad. Both were really good and the Tilapia was seasoned perfectly!

But the topper HAD to be the Pecan and Chocolate Chip Cobbler that Barbara served to us on the house!!!! O>>>M>>>G! It was warm and then topped with vanilla icecream!!

Hoffbrau, you have gained a new customer for life!!


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