Review of Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty Restaurant

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tonight we went to dinner…..and what a dinner it was! Before Marvin got here, we made reservations at Wolfgang Puck‘s Five Sixty Restaurant here in Dallas…

The restaurant is located at the top of Reunion Tower….up 560 feet! What a view!!! Not only that, but the we were also sitting in a rotating sphere! It was very slow and comfortable…it was beautiful…You could see most of Dallas.

After we were seated, we ordered a crabcake appetizer with 4 (or5) mini crabcakes….they were seared and spicy! They were by far, my favorite of the evening. Before they were served, the waiter brought out a small plate of greenbeans with sesame seeds and  candied walnuts, compliments of the chef!

After the appetizer, Marvin ordered Candied Quail and I ordered the Halibut. The curry sauce and slaw on it was amazing. They also came with shrimp, peppers and rice. Marvin’s quail was tender and sweet. LOVED it! You know I had to taste it!!LOL

By the time we’d finished eating, there was no room for dessert. We did take a peek at the dessert menu though…cheesecake, banana chocolate chip icecream…just baked cookies….Now you KNOW I could have gone for some of those!!

We had a GREAT time and our waiter Austin was the best! Thank you guys for a great dinner!!


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