Is Your Business in Dallas or NYC?

Marvin left for New York yesterday. It was AWESOME having him here!! We got SO much work done and got to meet some really great people!

I can’t believe we ate as much as we did, but it was great visiting Hoffbrau Steaks and Five Sixty!!!  And let’s not forget Truckstop!! Now THAT was good eating!

If you’re in the Dallas  or New York city area and would like a review done on your establishment, contact us!!!

Or if you’re a small business and would like your product or service reviewed, we can help you too!!

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Food Trucks at TruckStock Review in Dallas

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Yesterday, Marvin and I stopped by Truckstock to take a look at what was happening, and what a blast we had!

TruckStock was located at 1881 Sylvan St in Dallas. The trucks were pulled off into an open lot and formed a circle. There were atleast 16 or 17 trucks in attendance! What a site! Food Trucks are new in Dallas and let me just say: I love them!

Some of the trucks that were there were:










There was also a T-Shirt truck there: @durtylaundryclo

I didn’t want to make myself sick, so throughout the day, I only tried a few things!LOL

First we had meatpies from @threelionstruck. If I could learn how to make a crust that flaky, I’d be rich!!!

Then, we ate Philly Cheese Steaks @vizioncatering. Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE Cheesesteaks and this one did NOT disappoint!

Marvin ordered a cup of Gumbo from a truck called Bourbon Street. He thought it was more of a soup than a Gumbo. It had chicken and sausage instead of all of the other meats that Gumbo is famous for. But the spiciness was on point.

After the food, I topped off the meal with a sweet, chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing from @jackschowhound !

Despite the heat, we had a great time! Thanks Scott (@threelionstruck) for letting us know about TruckStock!! You guys Rock!!!!

Hoffbrau Steaks Review in Dallas West End

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Marvin and I ended up in the West End during lunch today and stuffed ourselves! We dined at Hoffbrau Steaks right next door to ElCentro College and The Corner Bakery.What a great experience!

It was my first time going there and I doubt if it will be my last. We got there as soon as they opened at 11am were greeted with friendly service. I even got to talk to the owner Rainey Fogiel  and the General Manager Barbara who was in house today.

We started off with an appetizer. I ordered shrimp wrapped in jalepeno and bacon with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce and Marvin had the loaded baked potato skins. Everything was SO good! And we found out that the ranch dressing they gave Marvin for his appetizer was made in house and it was so creamy! You could tell it wasn’t from a jar!

Our waiter was named Wesley and him and Marvin really hit it off! 🙂

For the entree I had the Grilled Tilapia with broccoli and chili and Marvin had the Fried Catfish with Fries and a Salad. Both were really good and the Tilapia was seasoned perfectly!

But the topper HAD to be the Pecan and Chocolate Chip Cobbler that Barbara served to us on the house!!!! O>>>M>>>G! It was warm and then topped with vanilla icecream!!

Hoffbrau, you have gained a new customer for life!!

Review of Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty Restaurant

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tonight we went to dinner…..and what a dinner it was! Before Marvin got here, we made reservations at Wolfgang Puck‘s Five Sixty Restaurant here in Dallas…

The restaurant is located at the top of Reunion Tower….up 560 feet! What a view!!! Not only that, but the we were also sitting in a rotating sphere! It was very slow and comfortable…it was beautiful…You could see most of Dallas.

After we were seated, we ordered a crabcake appetizer with 4 (or5) mini crabcakes….they were seared and spicy! They were by far, my favorite of the evening. Before they were served, the waiter brought out a small plate of greenbeans with sesame seeds and  candied walnuts, compliments of the chef!

After the appetizer, Marvin ordered Candied Quail and I ordered the Halibut. The curry sauce and slaw on it was amazing. They also came with shrimp, peppers and rice. Marvin’s quail was tender and sweet. LOVED it! You know I had to taste it!!LOL

By the time we’d finished eating, there was no room for dessert. We did take a peek at the dessert menu though…cheesecake, banana chocolate chip icecream…just baked cookies….Now you KNOW I could have gone for some of those!!

We had a GREAT time and our waiter Austin was the best! Thank you guys for a great dinner!!

Review of Record’s BBQ in Oak Cliff, Dallas

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Today, Marvin and I decided to try a small, local place here in Dallas called Records BBQ. If any of you  have ever lived in Dallas, then undoubtedly, you’ve heard of them. Eventhough I had heard of them, I’d never taken the time to go and visit, until today!

When people would talk about BBQ here, they would always mention this place, and for good reason!! First of all, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of menu items they offered. There was chicken, links, ribs, pulled pork and turkey legs in the bunch! Of course I got a “plate” which consisted of 2 meats, beans and potato salad. I got mine with ribs and links. Marvin got his with chicken and pulled pork. Absolutely amazing!! The meat was tender and the bbq sauce was sweet, but not too much so!

We were both more than satisfied with the food! The beans had a hint of chili, which was amazing! The only complaint we had was the taste of celery in the potato salad, but that’s just a personal preference…(don’t like celery).

Overall,the meal was outstanding and we would definitely recommend Records BBQ in Dallas!!!

Want us to Tweet About Your Business?

Twitter in Real Life: The Follow Back

Twitter in Real Life: The Follow Back (Photo credit: HubSpot)

Just 3 more days before the 2 pieces of R&M Social will be in the same city!! We plan on seeing and documenting everything in Dallas!!

If you’d like for us to come by your spot and let Twitter and Google know all about it, then just let me know!! We would love to include you!!

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Dallas Media Event Coming Up!!

What a long day it’s been already!! My mouse broke this morning and I thought I could go just down the street and replace it, but NO!!! Had to take an hour long bus ride to another store!

But I’m back and still preparing for my partner’s trip to Dallas. Did I tell you all about that? The other half of R&M Social lives in NewYork and he will be here next Wednesday! We have a few stops we will be making here in Dallas and we will be documenting it all!!

Look forward to lots of pics and info! A few of the stops we will be making are Hoffbrau Steaks, Five Sixty Restaurant and Cowboy Stadium! We are really excited!!

Now that I’m back online, it’s time to get alittle work done!

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Twitter or Google Makeover?

We are still on Spring Break here in Dallas, TX!! Loving it!!! I’ve been doing some spring cleaning around the apartment, so I’ve been pretty busy!

My partner Marvin has been keeping up with the graphics while I’ve been doing the domesticated thing. (Thank you Marvin!)

If you’re in need of a Twitter makeover or a few new people to circle on Google+, then definitely, we here at R&M Social can help!

Just email me at and let us know what you need!!

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