Allergies, Full Time Work and a Biopsy!

I have been sick, sick, sick!

The allergy season hit and I went down!!

I started my new job on September 17 and have basically been sick since then. I finally went to the doctor yesterday with a low grade fever. She put me on antibiotics and some cough syrup and advised me NOT to take the flu shot right now! I need to wait until my body is back up to 100%.

We also decided that I need to get a biopsy done on a lump that I had an MRI for not too long ago. She thinks that it may be getting bigger and it’s blocking my sinuses, which is causing me to have an infection. I’m not sure how they are going to do the biopsy, but they will be contacting me when they want me in General Surgery.

I’m SO thankful for this job that God has given me! This is a start to a new part of my life and I’m excited! Ramel is in the 12th grade, has a job and I am SO proud of him! God is doing great things for both of us! I hadn’t had a full time job since 2004!

The next thing on my list is a car. We have been riding the bus since moving here in 2006. It’s time that I get back behind the wheel! I’m going to have to start saving money from each pay check to be able to put towards that. I would love to be driving by January!

Alot is going on right now and there is so much more that I need to do! I need to start going back to the gym now that I’m working and can pay for it! That way, I can get my health back under control and start feeling better!

God, you know all of the things I’m trying to do! Thank you Lord for being right here with me and providing everything that I need!! YOU are such a GOOD GOD!!


God Answers Prayers!

Well friends, I start a new job on Wednesday! God is good and He certainly answers prayers!!

The State Fair of Texas is only 11 days away! I’m really excited! I won’t be able to go to the Opening Parade, but that’s ok.

I’m trying to make a few changes in my life these days so bear with me here on the blog! Thank you so much for following us and we love you!


Nature Photography At It’s Best!

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know about a friend of mine: Sandra Stein!1919667_670001246409323_8230030867255104907_n

Kidecals Review with Pics!



I was contacted by Kidecals not too long ago about doing a review on some of their kid decals. I have a 16 year old who isn’t interested in decals, but I do have nieces and nephews and I figured I would try them out on one of them!

The niece that I picked is Olivia. She is starting school this year, so I figured she’d enjoy the labels. This is Olivia:


Let me just say that I LOVED the labels! I picked one with her name and the silhouette of  a queen in a tiara. We tried putting them on her backpack and some of the items in her bag and she took them off! She looks like a little DIVA doesn’t she?!

Kidecals has lots of different options,  broken down by gender and age; they even have sections for Teens and College age! They offered lots of different uses for them instead of the usual…some examples are Allergy Alerts and Keyboard Stickers!

Don’t take my niece’s word for it! Go to Kidecals for yourself and see how beautiful the labels are! You will NOT be disappointed!

Find Kidecals on Twitter!


Need a Job in Dallas – My Online Resume

I’ve spent most of the day working on an online resume. I am in need of employment outside of the home.

If you know anyone in Dallas looking for a Customer Service Rep or Social Media Specialist, please point them my way!

Check out my resume and tell me what you think!


Untitled 3

Taste Of Dallas 2014 (with pics)

I had an awesome time at the Taste of Dallas this year. I got the chance to go out with my friends Bruce, Montrel, Willie and John and I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.

The food was good and the one spot that stood out was The Island Spot! They had AMAZING BBQ ribs!! Spicy and Sweet! I was a little disappointed though that I didn’t see 2 of my favorite places: Joe’s Crab Shack and Tiff’s Treats!

Overall, it was a great outing and I’m just blessed to have been able to go with good friends!

The Devil is on His Job


I know it’s NOT my imagination. It seems like these last few months, the devil has been throwing all kinds of things my way! Health issues, job issues…I’m tired of everything falling to pieces…but you know something? They DIDN’T fall to pieces. I’m still here and the devil did NOT win!

I spent last night in the ER and I am very thankful to God that I’m home, safe and sound. I’m still in pain and have to go back to the doctor on Monday, but no matter what, God’s Got Me.

Thank you Jesus for NEVER letting me down EVER.


Congratulations Sister!!


I just had to take this moment to say just how proud I am of my sister Ernestine! She’s graduating today with her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing! She’s been wanting to get that degree for a long time and she’s done it!

I am SOOOO proud of her! We have so many setbacks in life and it makes me so happy to know that they can be overcome!

Keep going Tiny! I love you! You deserve this day!! I wish I could have been there to share it with you!

Lord, I Trust You!

Before I get into bed tonight, I just felt like a blog post. I feel like so many things are going on right now…if you look at my life, you won’t be able to see them all, but trust me, I can FEEL them all!

I thank God for everything He is showing me about myself. I am thankful that he is changing me and growing me. I feel like He is working in Marvin just like He is working in me.

Sometimes I get really sad about Marvin being so far away. I love him and I know God put him in my life. I want more than anything to be his wife and enjoy the rest of my life hand in hand with him.

I know that everything will happen when it’s supposed to.

Lord, I trust you. I love you and I know you will only do what’s best for me.


Tired, but Blessed!

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!

I’m tired, sleepy, worn out and frustrated…but also, I AM BLESSED!

Lord, you know my heart. You know my desires. I trust you. Just help me to keep going.